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Nawal Ahmed, MD

located in Mesa, AZ & PHOENIX, AZ

About Dr. Ahmed

I am a board certified, internal medicine physician. I completed my medical education in Pakistan at the top of my class. I got married after graduation and moved to Phoenix with my husband. I then completed my residency here in the Valley at Maricopa Integrated Health System. After residency, I enjoyed time raising three kids, a boy and two girls. Then, I worked at Mountain Park Health Center for 3 years. 

Growing up, I was surrounded by medical professionals as two of my aunts are physicians. This along with my mother's encouragement led me to pursue a profession in the medical field. I believe that my middle class upbringing and experience in working with culturally, racially, religiously and medically diverse population places me in a unique position where I can provide cost effective but quality health care with compassion. I look forward to building lasting relationships with my patients and their families in order to optimize not only their health but general well being.

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